A 2nd series premier is scheduled to broadcast! What is one of the world's popular product called "Love Live! Sunshine"?

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"Love Live!" was a big boom in various media forms. Not only comics and anime, but also voice actors of each character acts and perform live activities and selling CDs. "Love Live! Sunshine" is a derivative project. I would like to introduce the main characters and contents about Sunshine.

Get deeply into the world of "Love Live! Sunshine"?

Get deeply into the world of "Love Live! Sunshine" began in 2010 as a derivative project of "Love Live!" In April 2015, the project was announced in the magazine called "Dengeki G's Magazine" and the CD with bonus video was released in October. Later, in April 2016, "Dengeki G's Magazine," a series of comic books and web radio (updated every Wednesday) was started, and the animated version of TV was aired from July to September of the same year. The animated TV version has a slightly different storyline than the manga version, and is available in a Blu-ray version. Since October 2017, the second series of the animated TV version has been released, and the Internet delivery is available through the Bandai Channel.

Get deeply into the world of "Love Live! Sunshine" popularity?

Get deeply into the world of "Love Live! Sunshine" is same as "Love Live!" Variety of media mixes. In the case of many anime works, usually star from manga and then expand to the release of animation, movie and soundtrack CD etc., However, "Love Live! Sunshine" is spontaneously developed in forms of comic book, animation and other medias. Among other things to note is the voice actors are doing live activities to show off the song and dance. A combination of 2 and 3-dimensional fusion is the secret of being so popular.

Get deeply into the world of "Love Live! Sunshine" stage, the city is also promoted!

In Numazu City, Shizuoka Prefecture, where the story is staged, some of the trains and bus have the characters listed. The products appeared in the anime work are sold in the city, and the main character "Aqours" has live show during the local fireworks etc., there are so many collaborations with the region. Also, there are many fans who pilgrimage the city of Numazu, which is also the stage of the story.

Get deeply into the world of "Love Live! Sunshine" is also very popular in other countries than Japan!

Get deeply into the world of "Love Live! Sunshine" is very popular in other countries. There are announcements of live & fan meetings in Korea and Taiwan on the official website, as well as the Japan of live tours in the Japan which are broad casted in theaters through streaming.

Get deeply into the world of "Love Live! Sunshine? Whats the summary?

The storyline is on the stage of "Uranohoshi Girls' Academy" in Numazu City, Shizuoka Prefecture", where the group of students who founded the school idol group called "Aqours (Aqua)" overcome various problems and trials. It is a youth story that those girls to become the school idol such as "μ's" that appeared in "Love Live!” By the way, there are no male characters in the story and no elements of love stories is also a feature.

Introduction of the main character

Aqours (Aqua)

It is the name of the school idol group of Uranohoshi Girls' Academy, which features, 3 girls including the main character Takami Chika. After some time, total of 9 girls joined the group. "CYaRon! ", "AZALEA" and "Guilty Kiss" are also formed by each of the three units.

Chika Takami (高海 千歌) /Voice actor: Anju Inami (伊波 杏樹) 

2nd year student and the leader of "Aqours”. She is bright and positive but a little goofy. She was impressed by the video of μ's when she saw it for the first time, and dreamed of becoming a similar school idol and formed "Aqours”. Image color: Orange. Image mark: Mandarin Orange. Belonged unit is "CYaRon!"

Riko Sakurauchi (桜内 梨子)/Voice actor: Rikako Aida (逢田 梨香子)

A transferred 2nd year student from Akihabara. Modest character, when she joined the school idol group Chika forced her. Before moving to Uranohoshi Girls' Academy, she had participated in the contest as a pianist. She oversees editing and composing lyrics for "Aqours”. Image color: Sakura Pink (Pale Pink.) Image mark: Piano. Belonged unit is "Guilty Kiss"

Kanan Matsuura (松浦 果南)/Voice Actor: Nanaka Suwa (諏訪 ななか)

A third-year student and Chika's childhood friend. Open hearted and mature, she also a special diving skill. She is the most athletic member in "Aqours”. She had a school idol activity with Dia and Mari during her first-year which ended up dissolved after an event. Image color: Emerald green. Image mark: Dolphin. Belonged unit is "AZELEA"

Dia Kurosawa (黒澤 ダイヤ)/Voice Actor: Arisa Komiya (小宮 有紗)

She is the student president of Uranohoshi Girls' Academy, third-year student and Ruby's elder sister. She grew up in a well-known local family and perfectionist with a high pride. The participation in "Aqours" happened after her younger sister Ruby. She also wanted to pursue her dream of being a school idol that she gave up when she was a first-year student. Image color: Red. Image mark: Plum blossoms. Belonged unit is "AZELEA"

You Watanabe (渡辺 曜)/Voice actor: Shuka Saito (斉藤 朱夏)

Chika's classmate and 2nd year student. She is a sporty girl who acts first rather than thinking, and participates in the school idol part as well as the swimming club. She is a good seamstress and is interested in cosplay. She is responsible for the stage costume of "Aqours”. Image color: Light blue. Image mark: Yacht. Belonged unit is "CYaRon!"

Tsushima Yoshiko (津島 善子)/Voice actor: Aika Kobayashi (小林 愛香)

A high school freshman who likes a fallen angel fashion. She is not shy and smart, but a lot of unfortunate events happen to her. Due to her unique personality, there were some time she did not attend school. She participates in "Aqours" as a place to utilize her individuality. She is an Internet nerd and in charge of video editing. Image color: Gray/White. Image mark: Little daemon. Belonged unit is "Guilty Kiss"

Hanamaru Kunikida (国木田 花丸)/Voice actor: Kanako Takatsuki (高槻 かなこ)

She is a first-year student from a locally-well-known temple family in town. Gentle and attentive personality, she uses the Shizuoka dialect with "~ zura" in the endings when she speaks. A literary girl who likes Japanese literature and belongs to the choir. She is not very confident in physical strength. She has no clue about computers or any electronic devices. Image color: yellow. Image mark: Hanamaru mark. Belonged unit is "AZELEA"

Mari Ohara (小原 鞠莉)/Voice actor: Aina Suzuki (鈴木 愛奈)

She is a senior director and third-year student at Uranohoshi Girls' Academy. She is positive, full of challenger spirits. When she was a freshman, she did school idol activities with Kanan and Dia. She studied abroad after the group broke up. After hearing the rumor of re-formation of "Aqours" and the difficulty of Uranohoshi Girls' Academy, she moves back to school as president and student. Image color: Violet. Image mark: Twinkle mark. Belonged unit is "Guilty Kiss"

Ruby Kurosawa (黒澤 ルビィ)/Voice actor: Ai Furihata (降幡 愛)

The first grader, Dia's younger sister, and best friend of Hanamaru. She is somewhat timid and crybaby, but also has strength. Super-interpersonal phobia and has never spoken to a man other than her father. Since she had a strong admiration for being an idol, she joined the club with Hanamaru. Image color: Pink. Image mark: Lolli pop candy. Belonged unit is "CYaRon!"

It is still not too late! Get deeply into the world of "Love Live! Sunshine"

Get deeply into the world of "Love Live! Sunshine" is a wonderful youth school storyline with unique characters of 9 girls. As mentioned above, since October 2017, the second series of the anime version has been aired, and new CDs and goods are planned to be sold accordingly. If you have not seen it yet, try checking out the "Love Live! Sunshine" and find your favorite characters.

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