What is JoJo's Bizarre Adventure that appear to be attracting lots of fans

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What is JoJo's Bizarre Adventure?

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure was a comic series in a weekly magazine called "Shonen Jump" from 1986 to 2004.

Even when it was published, it is known as a work written more for adults, rather than for young boys because it is drawn with an unusual picture style.

In fact, the author of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, "Araki Hirohiko" says he did not draw it for children, despite the series being in a young boy magazine.

As Mr. Araki's words suggested, in 2005, it became popular by changing the place of the series, from the young boy’s manga magazine, to a youth manga magazine.

There are several spin-offs as well as the main story, and stories focused on JoJo's bizarre adventure characters are also popular.

Distinctive poses and imitation sounds are characteristic in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, especially known as "JoJo standing" is mimicked not only In Japan but also by cosplayers around the world.

In addition, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure comes in not only a cartoon form, but also as animation, a theatrical version, novels and games.


World View of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

The leading character in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure changes in each part, but they all have one thing in common; everyone has a nickname "JoJo".

In Part 1-2, the main figure who makes a full use of an ability called "Ripple" fights against enemies who were turned into vampires by the mask called the "Stone Mask" or against the "Pillar Men" who created the "Stone Mask."

From Part 3 onwards, the battle between players who have the "Stand" which embodies human mental energy, is depicted.


A story that lasts to a descendant's generations

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure story is a feature story that is handed down to the descendants of the first hero, Jonathan Joestar.

As a series, it consists of all eight parts; from Part 1 to Part 6, all descendants of the first hero are drawn as leading characters.

This time, I would like to briefly introduce the story of the Part 1 to 6 as it is enjoyable as a series.


Part 1 "Phantom Blood"

This is the opening part of how JoJo's Bizarre Adventure has started. It depicts the encounter with the hero "Jonathan Joestar" who received life as a child of the aristocracy in England, at the end of the 19th century, and the Nemesis "Dio Brando" who appears again in Part 3.

Jonathan, with a strong sense of justice and courage and Dio, with high charisma and ambition who is from a lower class, penetrate each other's beliefs with the use of the power "Ripple" and "Stone Mask."


Part 2 "Battle Tendency"

The stage moves to the United States and Jonathan's grandson, "Joseph Joestar" becomes the main character. Joseph also acquires the "Ripple" that Jonathan learned in Part 1.

In the wake of the excavation of the "Pillar Man" concerning the "Stone Mask", Jonathan fights with the power "Ripple" to defeat the "Pillar Man" who threatens humans.


Part 3 Stardust Crusaders"

The stage moves back to Japan, and Dio is revived again.

To resonate with the revival of Dio, the ability of "Stand" is expressed in "Kujo Jotaro" who is the main character of Part 3.

To save "Kujo Holly" who has become in critical condition due to the influence of Dio and long-lost Dio who has a long family relation with the Joestars, Jotaro leaves with his friends to look for Dio.


Part 4 "Diamond is unbreakable"

Following Part 3, the stage is Japan. Part 4 Is in Mori-cho located in S-City where Joseph's illegitimate grandson is the main character. The stand use where main character Josuke Higashikata lives, has increased over the course of years.

To protect the Mori-cho, Josuke continues to fight against many stand users while examining the cause of the increase in the use of the stand.


Part 5 "Golden Wind"

The stage moves to Italy. The son of Dio, the Nemesis of Joestar family "Giorno Giovanna" becomes the main character.

Giorno, at the end of Part 1, is a child of Dio who has left Jonathan's body, and is genetically responsible for the blood of the Joestar family.

To become a gangster and save the city, Giorno puts himself in the gang organization by using the stand ability.


Part 6 "Stone Ocean"

The stage gets back in America since Part 2. The daughter of Jotaro, "Joylyn Cujoh" is trapped and imprisoned.

She finds the mastermind behind the scene by using the stand to attack enemies in prison.


JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Main Characters

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure changes the hero in each part, and the main character changes as well. Because there are a lot of characters, I would like to introduce the characters of Part 1-4 which have been animated.

Part 1 "Phantom Blood"

Jonathan Joestar

The main character of Part 1, the archaeologist. Acquires Ripple to defeat Dio who turned into a vampire with stone mask.

Robert E. O. Speedwagon

The boss of the thugs in the slums who fell in love with Jonathan's personality and become his companion.

Will A. Zeppeli

The Master who taught Jonathan "Ripples." Zeppeli himself has a deep relationship with the Stone Mask, and goes on a journey to follow Dio with Jonathan.

Dio Brando

Wears a stone mask, and gets immortal body and high physical abilities as a vampire.

Jonathan's nemesis and the biggest enemy in Part 1.


Part 2 "Battle Tendency"

    Joseph Joester

    Hero of Part 2. Jonathan’s grandson, who later trained to control the ripples with his friend Caesar. Challenged to fight the "Pillar Man."

    "Caesar Antonio Zeppeli"

    Joseph's friend and comrade. He is the grandson of Will A. Zeppeli, who appeared in Part 1, and uses a bubble-mediated ripple.

    Lisa Lisa

    Her real name is Elizabeth Joestar. She appears as a teacher of Joseph and Caesar, with her identity as Joseph's birth mother being concealed.

    Pillar Man

    As the biggest enemy in Part 2, four people appear: Santana, Wamuu, Esidishi, and Kars. Each Pillar Man has different abilities. The leader, Kars is a genius who created Stone Mark in Part 1.


    Part 3 Stardust Crusaders"

      Kujo Jotaro (空条 承太郎)

      The main character of Part 3. Joseph’s grandson and a 17-year-old high school student. The revival of Dio awakens his stand ability. The stand name is Star Platinum.

      Joseph Joester

      Jotaro's grandfather and the main character of Part 2. The revival of Dio awakens his stand ability. The stand name is "Harmit Purple"

      Muhammad Avdol

      A friend of Joseph who travels with Jotaro. Serious nature, and was born with his stand. The stand name is "Magician's Red".

      Noriaki Kakyoin (花京院 典明)

      He is a high school student from Jotaro's and appears as the first assassin sent to kill Jotaro. After losing to Jotaro and regaining his sanity, he becomes a companion and travels with Jotaro. His stand name is "Hierophant Green".

      Jean-Pierre Polnareff

      Second assassin sent to Jotaro. After losing to Jotaro, he became a companion in the same way as Kakyoin. His stand name is "Silver Chariot Anubis"


      Jonathan's nemesis appeared in Part 1. Tied with Jonathan at the end of Part 1, he survives by hijacking Jonathan's body. Even in Part 3 which is 100 years after Part 1, he stands as the biggest enemy.


      Part 4 "Diamond is unbreakable"

        Josuke Higashikata (東方 仗助)

        Secret child of Joseph's and the main character of Part 4. His stand name is "Crazy Diamond"

        Koichi Hirose (広瀬 康一)

        Classmate of Josuke. He was stabbed by "Arrow" which awakens him as a stand errand. He uses the growth type stand ability which is very rare in this volume. His stand name is "Echoes".

        Okuyasu Nijimura (虹村 億泰)

        Originally appeared as an enemy of Jotaro, but after being helped by Jotaro, he plays an active role as Jotaro's best friend. His stand name is "The Hand."

        Rohan Kishibe (岸辺 露伴)

        A popular cartoonist who lives in the town where Jotaro lives. He was stabbed by "Arrow" which awakens him as a stand errand. His stand name is "Heaven's Door".


        Outside of Japan evaluation of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

        JoJo's Bizarre adventure has many fans all over the world as well as Japan where it was originated.

        In other countries than Japan, it is known for anime than cartoons. The favorite part varies by individual; however, I have received feedback that they liked Part 1 and 2 of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure the best.

        Part 2 is more popular because it focuses more on Jonathan's character than the story itself.

        Also, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure live action movie "JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Diamond is Unbreakable Chapter 1" was exhibited at the "Neuchâtel International Film Festival", which was held in Switzerland from June 30, 2017 to July 8, 2008, and was evaluated worldwide.

        There were pros and cons feedback about the live-action movie, but it may be interesting to watch the movie than just anime.

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